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Change, It’s Complicated: Gazing at loss

One of the many things infant observation teaches us is that there is a stage when a child is very young where they leave the intimate proximity of the caregiver to explore the new – that which is unknown. It can be useful for some to see this as a prototype – or schema – of what we continue to experience throughout our lives. In the baby, as they learn to crawl and walk, they literally go through the process of taking ‘the next steps’ into their future which, judging by the looks we see on their faces, ranges a lot in what this is like for them. What is particularly striking in this early scene is the moment where the child turns back to the caregiver, thereby revealing the gap or loss of what they had and are leaving behind. There is something about leaving behind what you once knew, regardless of the difficulty it may or may not cause.

In the context of your own life, what does this make you think of?

Much love, healings and blessings  

Rebecca Sheehy 


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