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What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness originates from Eastern meditative practices. Mindfulness is a technique which can be useful in managing painful thoughts, feelings and body sensations. One aspect that mindfulness can teach us is the calming effects of staying in the present moment – being fully aware of the here and now – as opposed to allowing ourselves to become lost in worrying thoughts.  Mindfulness involves making a special effort to focus on the present moment. It is about paying full attention to what is going on inside of you (thoughts, feelings and sensations) and outside of you (the environment around you) without judging it – allowing your feelings to be as they are, letting them come and go, rather than trying to control them.  It is about observing thoughts and feelings and noticing the sensations of sight, touch, taste, smell and sound. Mindfulness reminds us that thoughts and emotions come and go. We choose whether we respond to them or just let them pass.

How can Mindfulness help? 

  • Increase awareness of your internal world experiences (thoughts and feelings)
  • Assists with allowing thoughts and feelings to come and go, without getting caught up in them
  • Can assist with managing emotional pain
  • Can assist with managing physical pain
  • Can be effective with managing stress levels
  • Can help with being kinder towards yourself

Andy Puddicombe, the co-founder of Headspace and a meditation and mindfulness expert gives a brief overview of mindfulness in the following clip.

What are some Mindful Techniques I can try? 

  • Mindfulness of the breath
  • Mindfulness of sound
  • Mindfulness of emotions
  • Mindfulness of your morning routine
  • Mindfulness of a pleasant activity

If you would like to know how Mindfulness can help you, please feel free to call me today.

Much love, healings and blessings

Rebecca Sheehy


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